About us

Mazher Gowre - Head Designer

MG INTERIOR CONSULTANCY is more than an interior design company – it's a culture and a lifestyle the focus is not just about transforming spaces and moods but changing lives in the process as well.

Together let's partner to create areas that tell their own unique and inspirational story. That is the beauty of interior design.

“Good design has to tell a story. It has to stop people, and it has to make them wonder. Good design is a conversation.”

Our Story MG Interior Design

In 2007, a small company was formed in Mumbai with a little more than passion and the desire to add color to the interior design landscape. a seed was planted which eventually grew to become the enterprise whose mission entailed beautifying the spaces we reside in whilst productively adding value to customer lifestyle in the process. Today MG INTERIOR CONSULTANCY is an interior design company whose main aim remains true to the initial purpose of creating quality customized living and working spaces.

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